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Wow, OK, I had kind of conceptualized that Joss Whedon post along the lines of “here are some random thoughts that I’m gonna store behind a cut in case a few people are interested,” not expecting so many people to reblog it. But since there was so much interest, I ended up…

I don’t disagree with the general critique, but just wanted to note that for the parts comparing Natasha’s portrayal in Avengers vs Captain America 2: they are different movies at their core. The former is an action / battle adventure and the latter is a spy / espionage thriller. The core alters what we see characters do and played a large factor in Natasha’s jeans and hoodie attire, but once on the job, her uniform is no different with butt-level camera angles.

As for shaking in the presence of the Hulk. It is unfortunate that she is the only human we see interact with him in dangerous situations and in order to introduce the new Hulk to an audience that hasn’t seen him in awhile you need even the Black Widow scared out of her mind to get how dangerous he is. I can see how it can read as the threat of sexual violence with many factors contributing to that, but it honestly saw it as the threat of being torn limb from limb.

There is plenty in Joss Whedon’s original tv series work to pull examples from that highlight these flaws, but at the very least we are fortunate that his female characters still have more layers to them than others and perhaps it’ll take another generation for the next writer to come along that pushes it further.

So cheers to the progress, but these are also heightened realities. Characters needs flaws to have movie-sized stories.

I just woke up from a dream where on day two of a ski trip, we all ran to higher ground to avoid the raising waters of a tsunami.

Rent vs. buy? A look at the math and other factors - LA Times -

The interactive map included with the article is a depressing exercise for anyone looking to buy right now.

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“Well, this feeling that you’re having right now that ‘I’m supposed to be all things’ is a feeling women have every day and have their whole lives, so you’re just starting to experience it now. Like, how can I be cool and tough and also sweet, and y’know [women] have to deal with all those juxtapositions every day, but I’m glad you’re finally experiencing it as a white male.” —

- Amy Poehler, right before dropping the mic (and making “Approval Matrix” host Neal Brennan visibly uncomfortable)

Love her!

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Aug 24

Go Spirit



Seattle are the favorites and I like a lot of the ladies on the team, but I’m cheering for the Spirit in this playoff match.

I’m from fucking DC and I love Spirit but OMG Seattle was the first team I ever loved from the NWSL and I’m SOOOOOOO split on this game like ??????? I don’t want either of them to go, oh man.

Yeah I don’t have a harden rule, nor a local team to root for.

Oh well. Congrats to Reign. At least the temperature is more likely to be better in a Seattle, WA final than Kansas City, KS one.